Our business: Prefabricated rubber membranes

The advantages of welding by hot vulcanisation

In order to provide you with a perfectly waterproof membrane all the welding is done in the factory by hot vulcanisation. Manufacture by hot vulcanisation is the most qualitative technology for producing a weld between two elastomers.

Membrane Epdm 02
Membrane Epdm 03
Membrane Epdm 01

To produce a perfectly watertight prefabricated rubber membrane we weld several EPDM panels to each other by vulcanisation.
We place two panels one on top of the other and then insert a band of tape (crude EPDM) which will make it possible to perform the vulcanisation by cross-linking (fusion interlinking the material molecules).
The assembly is pressed automatically by a robot to obtain perfect, indestructible and controlled welding, thus creating a perfectly waterproof, ultra-resistant assembly. After vulcanisation the assembly becomes a single, homogeneous material both physically and chemically.
  • Ultra-resistant, indestructible assemblies
  • Perfect waterproofing, 100% guaranteed.
  • Perfect homogeneity between the various panels making up the finished product
  • Mechanical resistance of the original sheets reinforced by the total cross-linking (fusion) of the material in the welds.

Welding by hot vulcanisation

rubber membranes

The 10 stages in the prefabricated rubber membranes


1 Manufacture of the membrane in 2 dimensions


2 Membrane ready for production in 3 dimensions

3 Preparation of the corners
4 Membrane in 3 dimensions awaiting vulcanisation
5 Welding of the corners and details in 3 dimensions by vulcanisation

6 Corners prefabricated in 3 dimensions


7 Finalised piece in 3 dimensions


8 Folding and rolling of the membrane


9 Piece rolled awaiting logistics preparation


10 Finalised pallet ready for shipping